Convert 5000+ units precisely on Mac, GNU/Linux and Windows

Release Notes

What is new ?

Version 2.0.1 (Jan 6, 2017)

  • fixed sf bug#4 Help/Tutorial, Help/Support, Help/Homepage doesn't work with all browsers
  • fixed: Help/Manual should read language help id instead of language gui id
  • fixed: English should be used for the help on a category if a translation is missing
  • fixed: data tables should be available not only in German but also in English
  • updated data tables for German
  • replaced icon for the unicode category (the request for logo use per guidelines by has been approved)
  • removed dependency to swing-layout.jar (saved 115k) and used Java SE standard API instead
  • updated NimROD LnF to version 1.2d
  • updated exchange rate filters
  • updated holiday defs by using latest xml-holidays data
  • updated leapseconds and timezone ids
  • Language German updated (v2.0.1)
  • Language Italian updated (v2.0.1)
  • Language Spanish updated (v1.6.0.1)
  • Language Hungarian updated (v0.1.0.1)

Version 2.0.0 (June 6, 2016)

  • Compatibilty Changes
    • The NC has been published under the terms of the GPLv3+
    • at least Java 6 is required, Java 8 or later is recommended
    • For the online help an external browser is required
  • Core Functionalty
    • 5200+ Units (more than 1900 are new)
    • 93 Categories (10 are new)
  • New Categories
    • Fuel Efficiency (l/100 km, mpg, etc.)
    • Time in Words (colloquial, official, military and by audio)
    • Fractions (including periodic determination)
    • Geographic Coordinates (Latitude/Longitue, UTM, etc.)
    • Date and Timeformats (Unix time, ISO 8601, etc.)
    • Calendar Systems (Gregorian Calendar, Maya, etc.)
    • Slope (in % and Angle in °)
    • Checksums (powered by Jacksum) witz 58 algorithms and 10 different output formats
    • Catalytic Activity (katal, mol/s, etc.)
    • Concentration of Substance (mol/l, mol/m³, etc.)
  • New Modules
    • Time Differences
      • Exact calculation of time differences, even location dependent timestamps
      • Calculation of interest rates, seven common international methods are supported
      • Time zones including information of the time delta and the distance in km
    • Random Numbers
      • You can throw up to 512 virtual dices, each dice colored if you like, including the option to save the results
      • Flexible, generic random generator with sort function and optional avoidance of duplicate numbers
  • Updated Modules
    • Holidays
      • The NC uses the holiday definitions of the sub-project called xml-holidays 1.0, it supports more than 800 holidays from 31 countries for historic, current and future years
      • In addition to flexible holidays like Easter or Advent calculation, really complex dates like the Oktoberfest, Equinox or Solstice are supported as well
      • In addition to the formats dtcm, Outlook and vCalendar there is also support for the formats called iCalendar (RFC 2445) and XML-iCalendar (xcal) for the export to different programs like Mozilla Sunbird oder Lightning
    • Exchange Rates
      • Direct download of exchange rates
      • The parser has been improved and is now state of the art
      • The Regular Expression Library has been replaced by the Java Standard Regex API
      • Updated all existing exchange rate filters
      • Some new exchange rate filters
      • New currency symbols have been added
      • Updated descriptions of all exchange rate filters with important hints for Internet Explorer users
      • Reformatted all filters for better readibility with the Windows Look and Feel
    • Spoken Numbers
      • From now on, input can be interpreted as digits or as a number
      • Syllables for audio output of numerals are available not only for English and German but also for French (France, Switzerland and Belgium), Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Schwedish, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Hindi, Tamil, Esperanto, Russian, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil)
      • Support for French extended from 1 digit to 96 digits
      • French is distiguished between French in France, Switzerland and Belgium
      • Support for Italian extended from 1 digit to 3 digits
      • Support for Dutch up to 9 digits (new)
      • Support for Hungarian extended from 1 digit to 24 digits
      • Support for Hindi extended from 1 digit to 2 digits (not only Transliteration but also written in Devanagari)
      • Support for Tongan up to 100 digits (new)
      • Support for phone dial sounds (new)
      • Phonetic Alphabets also for both Austria and Switzerland
  • Graphical User Interface
    • functional improvements
      • Kategoriegruppen lassen sich nun bequem von der Hauptoberfläche auswählen
      • Neue Kategoriegruppenfilter
      • Die Konfiguration der gesamten Oberfläche ist nun übersichtlich in einem Dialog zusammengefasst
      • Einheiten lassen sich nun auch über einen Dialog bearbeiten
      • Bookmarks/Favorites is non-modal now for more flexibility
      • Navigation menu contains all navigation related items now
      • Verbesserungen bei der Bedienung des Wechselkursupdates
      • Alphabetische Sortierung der Ausgabe bei der Auswahl von Hilfe/Support
    • visual improvements
      • Support for country specific decimal point separators
      • Distinction between decimal precision and significant numbers
      • Popup of combo boxes get more space if necessary
      • A finer font is used by default for both the Swing LnF and the Ocean LnF
      • A new splash screen immediately after the start
      • "live resize" has been enabled
      • Removed country flags in the language selection menu for being politically correct
      • Standard Look and Feel menu has been sorted alphabetically
      • Support for the Squareness Look and Feel Theme Package
      • Swing-layout (LGPL) has been used,
      • User interface also in turkish
  • Source Code
    • Internal Improvements
      • Big refactoring has been done
      • group-files can contain comments
      • build.xml has been updated, at least NetBeans 6 is recommended
      • Many deprecated Java methods have been replaced
    • New Libraries
      • NimrodLnF 1.2, patched by jonelo
      • Dice, patched by jonelo
      • Jcoord 1.1-b, patched by jonelo
      • Jacksum 1.7.0
      • hvjavacal.jar 0.13
    • Updated Libraries
      • JCalendar, version 1.4
      • Squareness LnF, version 2.3.0
      • Kunststoff LnF, 2.0.3, patched by jonelo
      • Metouia LnF 0.91, patched by jonelo
    • Replaced Libraries
      • Ostermiller Browser (replaced by Java Standard API)
      • Regular Expression Library (replaced by Java Standard API)
      • JavaHelp (replaced by native Browser)
      • Java Look and feel Graphics Repository (replaced by free icons)
  • Help
    • The Program Help has been updated
    • The "Java Help"-System has been replaced by the standard browser
  • Installers
    • Native installers are available (.exe, .bin, .deb, .rpm) in order to install the software correctly into your operating system
    • A mobile solution is available in order to run the software 100 % from a mobile device without any traces on the host operating system

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The Team

The founder of this project is Johann N. Löfflmann from Germany. Since 2001 he has been working with talented people all around the world in order to improve the NumericalChameleon, and learning new areas of knowledge. The list of contributors can always be found in the latest download package and in the copyright section.

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OSI certified
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